10-Year-Old Belts Out Celine Dion Classic, Judges Immediately Turn Around To See Who’s Singing


For anyone interested in music, and reality TV shows, watching shows like “The Voice” is a no-brainer. I can sit in front of the TV for hours watching back-to-back episodes of this show, especially when it comes to the kids’ auditions. The children remind me every day to follow my passion, and I love to reassure myself that the future of our entertainment industry is in solid hands.

“The Voice” is a show aired around the world, and people from all walks of life can audition in their independent country. So, when 13-year-old Giedie Laroco’s performance started doing the rounds, we had to share it!

There’s no doubt that Giedie had a successful audition, she blew all the other competition out of the water. But, before going into the details, I want to also take a moment to commend her parents for supporting her dreams. You can see them cheering backstage, and it’s clear that this audition means the world to them, too.