104-Year-Old Woman Says This Popular Beverage Is Her Way Of Staying Young


A Texas native may have found the trick to prolonging youthfulness – and it’s not at all what you’d imagine. Elizabeth Sullivan is a spunky, outgoing 104-year-old woman who resides in Fort Worth, Texas. She agreed to sit down for a candid interview with CNN and her answers surely did not disappoint.

For her, age is but a number. When she was 103, she still had her driver’s license and was trucking all over town. “I was driving everywhere! I was going to church, I was going to the woman’s club, I was playing Bridge, I was doing everything!” she said enthusiastically.

One beverage she can’t seem to live without is Dr. Pepper. As she talks to Gary Tuchman, she sips her ice cold beverage. When he comments on it, she candidly replies, “That stuff is good! It’s got sugar in it. Two doctors have told me that if I drink it, I will die. But they died first.”

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