On Her 10th Birthday Her Father Gave Her A Tortoise, 56 Years Later, They’re Still Together


A woman from the US was incredibly lucky with the pet: a tortoise is a gopher, which gave her, when the heroine of the story was only ten, living with her for 56 years. Long-lived George spent her entire childhood, watched her study at University and get married, and survived five of her dogs.

And 66-year-old hostess already plans to, where old man George W. will live out their years, if survives and its the very. On her tenth birthday, Jeanne Smith of St. Paul, Minnesota, received a special gift-a live turtle.

His new pet, whom she called George, Gianna received from the Director of the zoo, a friend of her father. It happened back in 1962. But today, 56 years later, Jeanna and her turtle are still together.

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