2-year-old’s “rundown” of her first day at preschool


As children grow up, they learn new things every day. The learn some of the basics from home, and the rest they learn from school. It can be hard for them to transition. School can be really challenging for some kids. The new environment, new routine and new things to learn can take some time adjusting to. But there are other kids who aren’t bothered by such trivial matters. They are bothered by other kids instead!

The kid in the following video is one of them. Meet Mila. She is only 2 years old, but she seems to have the soul of an older lady. She was clearly not impressed with school and what it had to offer. This video shows her sharing her day with her mother. She was giving her a rundown, and she was really not that happy with school. Most kids would complain about the teachers or the homework, but this little girl had other ideas!

Mila was not pleased with the other kids at her preschool. According to her, they pooped everywhere and made a mess everywhere. She even says how one of the kids got triggered after the teacher told him not to pee on his other friends. By the sounds of it, her first day really must have been a little crazy! It was really hilarious, and in some level, we could all relate to this sassy little girl!