A 26-year-old woman gives birth to a 24-year-old baby? Yes. It’s true!


An unusual case occurred with a young girl who could not have children for a long time because of the infertile spouse. As a result, 26-year-old girl gave birth to a girl who conceived 25 years ago. The case was recorded in the U.S. state of Tennessee in the Gibson family. After in March this year, Tina Gibson implanted a frozen fertilized egg, the girl learned that the embryo is only one year younger than herself.

The cell was donated in 1992, and if this embryo was born at the right time, he and his mother could become best friends, says Tina Gibson. However, by and large, mothers still have, and she just wanted to have children. Gestation and birth successfully, and recently, Tina was the mother of a healthy girl Emma who was born in November.

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