29-Year-Old Rushes To ER With “Food Poisoning” Instead Dr. Drops Bombshell Making Her Collapse


What started as a fun date night with her hubby turned out to be a life-changing moment for 29-year-old April. She and her husband Ronnie have a busy schedule with full-time jobs and their 2-year-old daughter Amanda. The days quickly turn into weeks, the weeks to months and life seems to move by in the blink of an eye. Knowing that their schedules were too full for another child, April decided to get a birth control implant in her arm that was supposed to prevent pregnancy for five years – but life had another plan…

Due to the implant, April’s menstrual cycle was altered to the point where it stopped altogether. It’s supposed to one of the biggest benefits of getting the implant, but for April, it concealed the fact that she was actually carrying a child. For months, April went on with life completely unaware that she was pregnant. That all changed when she and Ronnie sat down for pizza one night. According to April, the pizza was in the freezer for a little longer than recommended, but she figured it wouldn’t be a big deal. However, just minutes after the first bite, April felt a sharp pain in her stomach that she associated with the expired pizza.

All throughout the night, April sat at the foot of the stairs trying to cope with the pain without waking her family. But after hours of writhing downstairs alone, she decided to check into the local emergency room. After a quick urinalysis test, the doctors came in to tell April that she wasn’t experiencing a severe case of food poisoning, it was really labor pains! Learn more about April’s unusual situation for yourself in the video below! Thank goodness she was able to get to the hospital in time.