3 Boys Tell Santa They Want To Be Adopted – His Reply To Them Sent The Kids Back Reeling


Christmas is a fun time of year when children tell Santa their deepest desires and heartfelt wishes. Sometimes, mom and dad can make those wishes come true, whether it’s buying the coolest toy truck or the latest doll. But for Dylan, Cooper, and Levi, their Christmas wish is a doozy. These three brothers are foster children living with the Smiths, a big bustling family. All they want for Christmas is to be adopted.

One night in December, the kids receive a surprise visitor. Who is at the door? It’s Santa! He’s carrying a bag full of goodies and the kids cannot stop zipping around squealing with excitement. They all try to talk to him at the same time and are shocked that the big guy is their house! Santa patiently chats with all of them, then tells them the real reason why he’s stopped by. He has a special gift for three little boys.

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