3 legged kitten adopted by amputee girl becomes her new best friend! So touching!


Sweet, beautiful baby girl! I hope and pray this tiny moggy helps her make a complete recovery, and best wishes and love to both!

When Scarlette Tipton was just 10 months old, she had her arm amputated. It was hard on her and the family, but they continued to remain strong. And after taking this trip, everything seemed worth it.

Scarlette’s mom, Simone Tipton decided to take Scarlette to a shelter now that she is 2 years old. But when they got there, they were welcomed by a little kitten, who was in pretty rough shape.

“Owies, the cat is hurting,” said Scarlette when she first saw Doc the rescue kitten. The poor fur baby had drainage tubes on it’s side and some staples, and could see that it was in pain, while touching her own amputation scar.

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