3 Lost Baby Raccoons Approach A Fisherman, Then They Grab A Hold Of His Ear


This video is no doubt one of the most adorable things you can find on the internet. And it is going to melt your heart without a doubt. This special clip is going to bring the biggest smile on your face. I have always loved raccoons, and this footage only made me love them even more! If you are a fan of raccoons like me, this right here is going to be a treat for you! You will enjoy this to the fullest! Get ready for your daily dose of cuteness!

One fisherman ended up having a very strange yet incredible experience when three baby raccoons ran up to him at a creek in Wooster, Ohio. The little guys immediately befriended the man. The three of them kept following him around and climbing on him playfully. Encounters between humans and wild raccoons is quite common. But since raccoons are primarily nocturnal creatures, this moment was quite unusual.

The fisherman noticed that their mother was not in the vicinity. This has led many to believe that the raccoons are orphans. Another fisherman happened to discover them too. He fed them a dead fish and built them a shelter near where they were found. Watch the clip and feel free to share what you thought about it in the comments section!