30 Rare Photos of Princess Diana You Have Never Seen Before; These Remind Us Why She is Still Queen in Our Hearts


It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 20 years since the world lost the beloved Princess Diana. She was more than just a royal, she was a mother to two handsome boys, a humanitarian, a health activist, a philanthropist, and so much more.

Her smile would light up a room. Even to this day, when pictures of Diana are shared, people are in awe of her natural beauty. During her time on this earth, she was the most admired and photographed women around the globe.

Fashion photographer, Mario Testino, looked back on his time with Princess Diana. He admitted that she was a real treat to work with.

“I knew from the start that this shoot was different,” he said. “I was amazed by this person who, even though she had everything, would go to feed the homeless and visit sick children and AIDS victims. It was like a fairy tale.”

“Who was she really? Why did she do this? She was trying to find love. I wanted the world to see her kindness, her humility. I think she realized that would be her way,” he added.

Let’s begin taking a look at some rare photos of the beloved Princess: