4-Year-Old Boy Taps His Way Into Judges’ Hearts With Irish Dancing That Steals The Show


How much talent can you cram in such a “wee thing?” I’m sure every person in the video is wondering the same. This is Oscar, and he’s no stranger to performing for an eager audience.

Oscar is dressed to the nines! He’s head-to-toe in suave black, wearing dress pants and a dress shirt. His vest is punctuated with a silver embroidering of Irish knots on the front, while the back is pink silk. The fashionable outfit is finished off with an adorable little silver bowtie.

Watch out for this tiny tyke that taps a punch! Set to upbeat, jovial music, Oscar takes the floor and runs with it. From the moment he graces the open space, his footwork and well-rehearsed moves are without a doubt entrancing! His feet start to magically move, fast and whirring, as in blink and you might miss it!

He’s super in tune with the music as he makes his way around the dance floor working the crowd and the woman in pink heels recording him! This little guy has his timing and rhythm down pat, and knows how to do it! Don’t let his mini size or 4 years on this planet fool you – Oscar has brought home not one, not two, not three – but a massive 48 trophies! What have I wasted my time on all these years?!

Click below to watch Oscar dance his way into your heart!