45 Years Ago, He Wrote This Song! Just Amazing!


That was amazing! I can listen to it over and over again! Just awesome!

Art Garfunkel, one of the most underrated singers in music! I think they´re both pretty good, and an amazing duo when singing harmonies, but Art´s voice is just out of this world.

If angels could sing, I bet they would sound like Art here! I can look back and see the beautiful music we got to hear, as opposed to today. Wow what a difference…

In the 1970′s the U.S seemed to be at a crossroads, the Vietnam war was winding down but the country still seemed to be in upheaval. Many feared total world destruction due to nuclear weapons . People just didn’t seem to be sure of anything anymore, and everyone was just so tired.

Both these men were probably pushing 70 in this performance. So what’s the excuse for the modern day youngsters who would be flipping burgers if not for auto tone?? This is classic and both of these guys are music legends!

It was in these troubled times that singer/songwriter duo Simon and Garfunkel produced their album, Bridge over Troubled Water. The song to which the album was named after was released as a single in early 1970, and from that moment it became an instant hit.

With a combination of gospel music with folk and rock, this beautiful song of the times went on to win 13 Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year and even Song of the Year. It was their biggest hit single and it remained at the top of Billboard’s top 100 for six weeks straight. A huge assortment of other famous artists have covered the classic, further solidifying its iconic status.

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