5 Navy Men Stand Onstage, They Look Up And Crowd Goes Wild As They Serenade With Songs From 60s


It’s no lie that many folks enjoy a sweet, feel-good story, especially when that story involves a person or group that they adore or look up to. Which is why you are going to love this fantastic video.

In the clip below, you will see five navy seals, dressed in uniform, standing on stage. They have their backs to the crowd as they’re facing a great bunch of fellow navy seals who are each holding an instrument. Then, the music starts.

The five men turn around and begin to sing songs of the 60’s that, simply put, will blow your mind. Each man has a unique voice that fits perfectly with each song that they sing. And not only are they each extremely talented singers but also a set of great dancers. One navy seal even singles out one of the ladies in the crowd and persists to dance with her. The video is nothing short of a delight and is bound to put a smile on your face.

So just who are these men? They belong to a group called the Sea Chanters and, as their website states:

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