5-year-old boy feeds a homeless man and prays for him


That boy will hopefully grow up to be a leader among men. He will become a man of character and integrity honoring God in all aspects of his life.

The video below made me tear up, as it is so sweet that kids are taking the time to care so much for others like the homeless guy at Waffle house. I think that was adorable for him to do this, especially when he sat and prayed with him. His mother should be so proud of him.

Personally, I think when a child displays this type of thought process and faith it always points to the parents. Kudos to his mother for making a good contribution to the world.

An Alabama mom and her young son recently grabbed lunch at their local Waffle House. What happened inside is nothing short of remarkable.

5-year-old Josiah Duncan noticed a homeless man standing outside the restaurant alone, holding a bag and a bike.

Josiah was so perplexed by the man’s appearance that he reacted the way any curious kid would — he bombarded his mom, Ava, with questions. “Where is his house? Where is his family? Where does he keep his groceries?” he asked.

Ava explained to Josiah that the man was homeless, and what being homeless meant. When Josiah realized the man didn’t have any food, he begged Mom to buy him a meal.

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