6 Year Old Boy Thanks Local Heroes With Donuts, They Surprise Him With A Sweet Response


When you ask most kids what they want to be when they grow up, they will say things like, “A vet” or “A Fire Fighter”– Some may have ultra specific titles that come with what they want to be because they idolize their parent and their work.

Most of the time, they will tell you they want to be one thing one minute and another thing five minutes later. But not for Oliver Davis. Oliver Davis has taken to the men and women in blue.

Since he was a mere five years old he has been obsessed with police officers. He first became intrigued when he got his first police outfit. It seems like he would never take it off. Now he not only has multiple police outfits, of which he collects different ones, he also has a police bike and a police dog too!

Oliver is the real deal when it comes to knowing and loving what the police do for us. That is why when he came up with the idea to give back to them, his mom, Brandy Davis, was right on board with him.

Oliver decided that he wanted to set up a stand honoring the police in his community and those surrounding him. So him and his mom went and got all the supplies that they needed.

They made a stand for Oliver to sit at– A place for him to place all the goodies that he wanted to sell. What better to sell than donuts, right?

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