62 Years Ago Elvis Made It A Hit But When Frank Sinatra Joins In It’s Perfection


While Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley were musical powerhouses in their own right, together they made a sound that was too amazing for words! They worked off of each other’s voices in a way that artists today never could imagine – and they did so while joking around like it’s nothing. In front of a live audience, Frank and Elvis sang Frank’s hit song “Love Me Tender.” For years, this footage had been locked away within the depths of the Internet, but now it’s public and everyone gets to hear these two sing together!

As soon as the pair began to croon Frank’s original lyrics, the audience went absolutely nuts! Women screamed, men cheered and everyone in the room sang along. Even though the men seem to be buddy-buddy here, Sinatra was actually quite critical of Elvis’ classic rock n’ roll style. In fact, he was caught on record saying the genre “smells phony and false” and was only sung by “cretinous goons.” According to the Elvis Biography website, it was Sinatra’s daughter who convinced him to sing with Elvis – and we’re so glad she did. While Sinatra was nervous about the idea of singing with Elvis, it turned out to be such a memorable performance.

Sinatra and Elvis worked together perfectly and sang their hearts out in total unison! As you can see in this video, there’s a reason why these men are considered to be the “greats.” Finally being able to see them perform together (even if it is a video recording) is like a dream! We had no idea that two men with so much talent could come together in such an incredible way! Listen to Frank and Elvis sing “Love Me Tender” in the video below! Hopefully, more videos like this surface in the future!