6th-grade autistic boy eats lunch alone


Bo recently had lunch with Travis Rudolph, a receiver of the Florida University Seminoles football team, who attended school with his team. Most often, Bo Pascoe, who suffers from autism, eats his lunch alone in the dining room of Montfort high school in Talahassee, Florida. But this day was different.

Bo’s mom, Leah, later told in an emotional Facebook post about how her son was lucky enough to have lunch with a football star. Remembering herself at school, as she was always afraid that she would not have anyone to sit with during lunch, Leah wrote: “Now that I have a child who went to high school, I am very worried about him and this anxiety can be overwhelming if I give her will.

Sometimes I’m grateful for autism. It may sound terrible, but I think it protects him to some extent. He not mocks, that people look on him, when he waves his hands. He is oblivious that he is no longer invited to birthdays. And he has no objection to dining alone.” In most cases, Bo sits alone during lunch, she continues.

“These days I am very sad for him, but he apparently does not mind,” writes Leah. A friend recently sent her a signed photo, ” Travis Rudolph is having lunch with your son.” Leah asked who Travis was, and a friend replied that he was one of the American football players. “Tears rolled down my cheeks,” she says.

“I don’t know what exactly prompted this incredibly kind person to dine in the company of my son, but I am very happy and can say with confidence that his act will not soon be forgotten.”