8 yr-old boy remembers emergency plan and rescues his baby sister!


8-year-old boy honored by firefighters after having saved his baby sister! Isn’t he a brave kid? I was amazed by this news!

Unfortunately, in our life some danger is always pursues us! Especially it sounds scary when we talk about our little children! But sometimes kids can be more brave than their adult parents.

An 8-year-old in New Hampshire is being called a hero, after his family’s home caught fire. Harrison Holt now an honorary member of the Milan-Dummer Fire Department. On Sunday, Harrison was home with his dad John and siblings Patrick and Marie. John just finished cutting the grass and put his lawnmower back in the home’s attached barn.

«I came inside and about 20 minutes later, I was in the living room and smelled smoke,» said John Holt. John saw flames in the barn and grabbed a fire extinguisher. «By the time I got down there, it was fairly out of control already.» The father said. John passed the phone off to Harrison and told him to call for help.

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