87-year-old lady saves lives volunteering as an ambulance-driving EMT


It is never too late to help people.

When you really want to do something good and useful nothing may stop you, even your age. As one saying claims «Where there is a will, there is a way.»

Most people tend to consider elderly people to be very weak, helpless and slow. Though, there are some incredible examples that prove that your abilities don’t always depend on your age.

Sometimes your mental state is much more important. When you believe in yourself and your abilities, your age doesn’t matter.

Most of us think of retiring when we reach around 65 years of age – sit back, relax, spend some valuable time with your grandkids. However, one woman from Maine has very different sentiments.

Edna Mitchell is 87 years old, but she still works the job she loves. Edna completed the course to become an emergency medical technician in 1978, and she has been volunteering at the Liberty Fire Department ever since then.

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