9-Yr-Old Girl Shaves Head For Friend With Cancer


There is not much I wouldn’t do for my best friend. If she was stuck in a rainstorm, I would swim to her rescue. If she ruined her shoes, I would give her mine and go barefoot.

Different seasons in our lives require a little more out of us in our relationships than others. Depending on your loyalty to whoever is in your life, you’ll be willing to take whatever step is needed to help them.

For 9-year-old Kamryn in Colorado, sacrifice and devotion are two things she has decided in her heart to live out early on!

Kamryn’s friend Delaney was diagnosed with cancer and has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments that have resulted in total hair loss. One day after school, a brave and committed Kamryn went home and shaved her head, her way of showing Delaney that she did not have to go through this tough time alone.

People’s hearts were touched by Kamryn’s courageous and thoughtful gesture, but unfortunately, her school was not.

The school the girls attend has a strict dress code, one of their policies being that students are not allowed to have shaved heads. When Kamryn came to school hairless, the school suspended her for her noncompliance and told her not to come back until she had hair.

While I am no supporter of insubordination or deliberate misbehavior, I do feel the school should have been a bit more lenient when looking at the situation before implementing the rather harsh punishment.

Thankfully, after receiving backlash from the community and thousands on social media, the school renounced Kamryn’s suspension and allowed her back in the classroom.

We are super proud of Kamryn and inspired by her fidelity to her friend. Her compassionate and bold heart is so evident. She and Delaney are truly blessed to have each other.