98-Year-Old Vet Can’t Hold Back His Tears When Navy Sailors Surprise Him with Song. Take a Look.


No one should forget all the horrors of war. The price, that hundreds of people have given in this fight. To forget is to betray the present and the past. Our task now is to remember and honor the memory of those people, thanks to whom we can be here. Undoubtedly, the war took millions of lives, but there are those who returned. Those who still live in this country, for which many years ago fought desperately.

These are the ones who provided us with life and future. Why can’t we forget the war? Memory is the only thing, except words, than we can say thank you. Remembering about the misfortunes that the war brought, we prove that the sacrifices made were not in vain. Almost every family has its own hero.

There are those families whose heroes managed to return. Who went through all the horrors of the war and passed their story on to others. The feat of each of them must remain an imprint in our souls. Veterans are people who have gone through war, ruin, a lot of fighting so that their children and grandchildren can live under a peaceful sky.

And to give attention and respect, to thank them for peace is everyone’s duty. However, on holidays, in addition to grateful words, I want to present them with something else that is material or not, that will not only be remembered. And here there is a problem, because the present must carry a certain emotional load. Before the solemn event for the participant of the war, many people think about souvenirs of military subjects, when they decide what to give to veterans.

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