A 98 year-old woman reveals the heartbreaking truth of being lonely


The biggest tragedy of our modern society is that most of us are really lonely being surrounded by millions of people.

We have families, we do everything possible for our kids to have a good life and then one day you find yourself old, helpless and absolutely lonely.

This is a beautiful video with quite a tragic reminder. The fact that many of elderly people are suffering on a daily basis with no one there for them is terrible. They are often just left behind in nursing homes or don’t get the love and communication that every human needs. It is really sad.

The woman featured in the video below is called Mary. She is a 98 year old woman, and her story is going to leave you in tears for sure. This touching clip shows us that our seniors are sometimes forgotten in this mad rushed world.

As a reminder, The Voyager film crew decided to make this short film. They visited Mary in her small apartment to document a day in her life. What is the result? Heart breaking to say the least! To be honest, this was hard to watch.

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