A Car Broke Down


In this extremely moving social experiment, they set up a car that appeared to have a flat. They wanted to know if people would be willing to stop and help. After several hours, no one showed up. Finally a man named Eric stopped and made an impact on them they will never forget.

Eric himself has gone through incredible hardship with his house being burned down to a total loss. He body is covered in burns and he was even in a coma for 27 days.

He lost his pets in the fire and when he went back in to save them, he was overcome with smoke and passed out. Ryan was so moved by this man though himself was suffering was willing to take the time to stop and offer help.

They decided to get him a new gaming system. Though some are suffering so much, they are still willing to give, and they wanted to give back to him. What a moving story he has and a big heart to think of others beside himself even in a difficult season he is going through.