A cat with baby bunny


Barely having time to be born, this rabbit lost its mother. He was weeks old when his baby momma died. However, it took one English family, who named him Bubbles. There he found a foster mother, which turned out to be a cat. According to owners when the rabbit appeared in their family house lived a cat named Momo.

Since that time, the animal was still very young — cat quickly got used to the new guy and even took him under custody: became to acquaint with the environment and to protect, when the child was in danger. The owners gave the rabbit the name Moco-consonant with the name of his adoptive mother.

Bringing him to her, she immediately began to wash it, showing maternal care. The kid also immediately accepted – he began looking for milk and find it he managed without much difficulty. On video it is possible to see an amazing and touching picture – as the cat feeds it on a par with the kittens.

Now they have already grown up – a video that tells about this story, was posted on YouTube in 2008, the Bubbles looks like a pet rabbit; however, at this time of the year, many homeowners in England found in its local area wild birds. It should be noted that the does walking around often leave their babies for a long time, which may last a few hours, and the young hares can be found all alone…