A Foal Crying For Her Mother


Seeing wild horses running around is a rare sight in the US but seeing these majestic animals freely in places like Europe is not quite an unusual thing. It’s lovely to see these elegant creatures around. Wild horses have liberty to move around freely but sometimes complications can occur. The animals can get hurt and have no one to help around.

Such situation occurred in this video too. The heroes of the RSPCA U.K. (Royal Society of Preservation of Cruelty to Animals), the oldest welfare charity in the world stumbled upon a giant white horse and her young foal. One of the back legs of the mother horse was entangled in her mane which forced her to stay in the ground.

Scared and terrified the foal was running around her mother. This video shows how the foal reacted when she saw that the rescuers had come for the rescue. Her happiness is absolutely extreme and amazing. Watch this video and tell us how you felt watching it through your comments!