A Home is Unique On The Outside


These days, it seems like living without electricity would be pretty hard. But at Underhill, we see an example of an amazing eco house that is the product of 40 years of work and love, that anyone would be lucky to live in.

The surroundings at Underhill are spectacular, especially considering it used to be a swamp with a little stream running through it. The cave house is built into a hillside and looks perfectly natural, like it always existed there. The owner, Graham Hannah, had traveled a lot when he was younger, and was inspired by some of the caves he stayed in and the people he met.

The house made of stone and wood fits right in the environment. Graham believes living in a home like his is good for the soul and the heart, plus it’s economical. Walking in, surrounded by rustic decorations, it feels like the place has been there for a hundred years. There are beautiful details everywhere, including the ceiling, and all the furnishings are solidly made. Because it’s underground, the temperatures tend to stay pretty stable and cool. The house is lit by the skylight and candlelight, and Graham specifically did not want electricity. Everything is natural and rounded edges, and in such a beautiful setting it’s easy to see why Graham is so proud of his impressive work.