A Horse Was Destined To Become A Big Celebrity


In 2015, a dwarf stallion named MicroDave set a record for small size among horses in the UK, but since then nothing similar to the country’s farms has appeared. There were pregnancies among small horses, but they ended up miscarrying, so when tests showed no fetus in the mother of MicroDave, a small horse named RockStar, no one was surprised. Three weeks later, the light appeared naughty miniature foal!

MicroDave – sister record MicroDave, they have a common father. But they will not compete, because now the horse is an inch above the birthmark and will grow up. Everyone is excited about the appearance of this miracle of nature and plans for her future life is not built.

It’s too difficult job, the breeding of tiny horses that can barely get the man to the knee. Hybrids do not survive well and reproduce, so every viable specimen is a great joy. And young MicroDave very, very mobile and mischievous, exactly as brother MicroDave. Previously, mom MicroDave already had a foal, but stillborn, so everything on the Haysden Liveries farm does not get enough of the appearance of a living and moving horse.

The Western press writes about perhaps the “smallest horse in the world”. The height of living in the us state of Texas crumbs nicknamed Munchy – just 53 centimeters. It can be kept on your knees like a pet dog. This year it will be listed in the Guinness book of records.