‘A Mother’s Song’


The bond between a mother and son is a very special one. We often think of the relationship between a father and his son as being the most influential, but just like a father has a distinct impact on his daughter’s life, a mother has a strong connection to her son.

For a boy, his mother is the first woman he will ever love. She is the one that will hold, comfort, and feed him as a baby. Hopefully, she will teach him about women and how he should treat them. We all have flaws, but a mother may be an example of the type of woman that a man wants to have in his own life, forever.

It is often assumed that a father must be there to teach a young boy about certain things, like sports and other “guy stuff.” But, there are plenty of mother’s out there who fulfill that role, just like there are father’s that take on a caretaking and nurturing one.

A mother will also have to face the fact that despite their one-of-a-kind connection, one day she will watch her son grow up and leave her. But, she will be proud, because she has prepared him for the world to the best of her ability. First, he will begin to pull away to spend more time with his friends, he may move out and go away to college, and eventually, find a woman he wants to marry. No matter how special this woman is, she will never be a replacement for his mother.

This video shows a very special moment between a mother and son: the wedding dance. The soundtrack is a beautiful, emotional song called “A Mother’s Song.” Just listen to the lyrics and feel the heartfelt emotion of the songwriter.

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