A Way To Turn A Fan Into An Air Conditioner


I’m about to make a confession: I’m not a huge fan of the summer months. There’s something I really dislike about sweating the moment I step out, my hair going from tamed to frizzy in under five minutes of being in the park, and the fact that I burn and don’t tan is a whole different problem. All-in-all, summer isn’t for someone like me.

With the gruelling summer temperatures soon upon us (if not already in full blow), we all know what we like to do best in the heat is retreat to somewhere cool, where we can enjoy the sun, sip on our drinks, but not feel the impacts of it. The “somewhere cool” usually happens to be an air-conditioned area. Am I right?

While not everyone has air conditioning at home, many of us usually use our oscillating fans to keep us cool throughout the season. I know air conditioning can get expensive so why bother sometimes, right? Well, you don’t have to worry about no AC in the house anymore, because the video below shows you how to turn your fan into an air conditioner.

Majority of the equipment you need to get started can be found right at home, so you may not even have to make a trip to the hardware store if someone at home is already quite tool-savvy and likes to be prepared for all the “fix-it” issues around the house! Items you’ll need for this DIY hack are listed below:

Box fan
2 copper coils
Zip ties
1/4″ compression unit
Plastic tubing
Now you’re probably wondering how all these items in the list above will materialize into a cooling device—instead of giving you step-by-step, written instructions, we think it’s best to just follow the simple instructions given in the video below. It’s so easy, the entire process can be explained in under 4 minutes!

So to get started, and save yourself the money of investing in air conditioning, simply click on the link below to make your own. And if you found this DIY tutorial at all handy, then don’t forget to like the post and share it with family and friends! Here’s to a super cool summer!