A Whale Crying


When the tide was low, this ocean creature got stranded on the rocks. In a remote area of the British Columbia coast, a pod of orcas was on the hunt for seals. But then, whale watchers spotted a young female, beached on a rocky outcropping.

She was obviously stressed out, and the crying sounds she made were heartbreaking. George Fisher and other volunteers were called in about the killer whale’s plight. The young orca was drying up as the tide was falling, so they set to work as fast as they could.

Using sea water and wet blankets, the volunteers did their best to protect the whale from the sun. At first she seemed stressed and afraid, but later began to realize they were there to help.

The problem was, they couldn’t just pull her off the rocks. Watch them explain why, and see what they did instead. It’s likely this orca will never make the same mistake again!