Abandoned Pony Kept Its Head Hidden In The Bush


This pony was so frightened.

In late September, a Spanish rescue organisation for horses called Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, posted a story of a newly  rescued pony on their Facebook page. The rescue organisation did not know of the pony’s previous background, which is common among their other rescues. All they knew was that the pony had been neglected and abandoned.

According to the rescue organisation’s Facebook post, they had received a phone call at about 7 pm in the evening from the Almoradi police about this horse. When they arrived in Algorfa, the pony was found tied to a tree without any food or water. The pony also kept his head hidden behind a bush to keep the flies away from his eyes. He was immediately rescued and given food in one of their stables.

After examining the pony, they found out that the pony was blind in one eye, which probably resulted from an untreated eye infection. His other eye was also problematic, so it was unclear to how much sight the pony still has. They could also tell that the pony was severely malnourished and dehydrated as his ribs were visible and could not walk properly.

Although the rescue organisation already had 109 other animals under their care, they could not abandon the pony and will find a space for him. A few weeks later, the rescue organisation posted an update about this rescued pony.

According to the update, the pony was estimated to be around 20 years old and gave an explanation for his inability to walk properly. It was a neurological disorder that was caused by a blow to his neck that injured two of his vertebrae. The rescue organisation had also asked for any name suggestions for the pony.

You can watch a video of this story below: