Abused bull has been tied to chains his entire life


Like a number of animals out there, Bandit the bull is restricted to narrow chains and stables.

We see Bandit performing a dance of freedom in the clip below once he is given the freedom he had never known before. He is showing Christian who works at the Gut Aiderbichl sanctuary his happiness. So far, the sanctuary has over 500 rescued calves, bulls and cows.

Though he is a gigantic bull with an equally big heart, he is so happy and can’t hide his excitement. He digs using his hooves as he runs around his new home which is made of fresh hay as she expresses his joy.

Bandit must have gone through a lot of suffering and pain and he has just realized the kind of life he is about to live.

You have to watch as he approaches Christian with his big head and nuzzles around his chest. Their interaction is so surreal and beautiful!

The aim of Gut Aiderbichl is to rescue the neglected, abused and animals that are about to be slaughtered. All they want is to create a deep and personal understanding between animals and humans within an environment that is protected.

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