Airline Pilots Join Girl Playing Rock and Roll Jam Session At the Airport.


Welcome to Heathrow Airport! A place where you can enjoy art! Taking a moment to be still amidst the busyness of airport. The feeling of free, street music lives in each of us. Now quite often in public places, on the streets, shopping centers and even airports you can find installed musical instruments.

Everyone can play and demonstrate their talents. This is a great opportunity not only to relax, but also to gather the audience, have fun and receive applause. An ordinary schoolgirl saw the piano before the flight at the airport and decided to take advantage of her chance to play.

Next to her passed the pilots, heard the melody and decided to show the schoolgirl how to play correctly. These pilots know a lot not only in airplanes, but also in playing musical instruments. And thus they postponed their take-off for a few minutes.

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