Amazing Dancers Karen and Ricardo Stun the Crowd with Incredible Routine That Is Worth Seeing!


Don’t hesitate to watch them now and prepare to be smitten by the effortless movements, displayed on the screen. The duo met in 2003, and when they first introduced their program to the crowd, they were not sure which course to take. Ricardo says that it was Karen who first suggested joining the salsa contests and seeing what happens next.

The pair took part in television programs, events, and shows, and this was enough to earn the love of the fans and a standing ovation every time they appear on the scene and step into the spotlight. These guys are definitely obsessed with the rhythms of salsa, and when you hear about their talents for the first time, you don’t realize that it might actually be true.

However, you will understand the charm of the routine that was presented during the competition as soon as you press play, and we guess that you are going to experience a firework of emotions when you witness the two moving as one. They make the routine complete with their lightning speed turns, and even those, who have seen a lot of acts on the show, agree that Karen and Ricardo need to be praised by the audience around the world.

They are the classic example of the salsa dancers that can make your heart beat faster, and we think that the long months of practice and preparation have definitely paid off when they came out on stage. Don’t hesitate to watch them now and get ready to be smitten. These guys are the showstoppers!