She Asks 52-Year-Old Homeless Man What He Wanted for Christmas, Leaves Him Crying


It’s not what’s under the tree that matters on Christmas, but the hearts who are gathered around it.

For one homeless man living in Sacramento, the gift of kindness took him to his family’s Christmas tree for the first time in years.

Alan Duffany, 52, has been homeless most of his adult life. His family in Tennessee didn’t know where or how to find him.

But this year, Duffany was draped in compassion, enveloped in encouragement, and given a priceless gift. It all started with one woman, driving down the road wearing kindness like a cozy blanket.

Duffany was a regular fixture as a panhandler on a busy Sacramento road.

He met a woman named Jody Revak who would often stop and give him pocket change here and there.

Duffany was panhandling on a typical December day when Revak rolled down her window with a question. “Alan, if there was something I could get you for Christmas, what would that be?” Revak asked.

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