Awe-Inspiring Video Of Humpback Whale Saving Marine Biologist From 15 Foot Tiger Shark Has Gone Viral


Whales are some of the most magnificent creatures around, known for being altruistic and extremely intelligent. The wonderfully brilliant creatures love to check out passing boats and swimmers and help whenever they can with whatever they can. They have been recorded on multiple occasions helping seals escape from the sharks that hunt them!

Nan Hauser, a marine biologist and president of the Center for Cetacean Research and Conservation, was diving off the Cook Islands when she learned just how amazing whales can be. It was early October, and she was excited when she met a 25-ton Humpback Whale on her dive. The whale approached her curiously and was intrigued by what she was up to.

At first, the whale was harmlessly curious about her presence, but it quickly turned into a terrifying situation.

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