Baby Chimp Can’t Stand Being Held


Chimpanzee, nicknamed Wunda after treatment at the shelter embraced all who came out and saved the day. Hence the question arises: why is it easier for people to cause pity when it comes to suffering to animals than to the same as they, people?

The operator captures in her camera, a very touching moment a chimp Bundy from Congo, which after treatment in the orphanage “Kimbunga” Jane Goodall, a nonprofit organization that protects the rights of animals released on the island Cunzolo. Chimpanzees were given the nickname “Vunda”, which is in tune with the English word “wounded”, for a reason.

It just found shelter workers, where the treatment and rehabilitation of about 160 monkeys. After the course of treatment for Wondy was completed, the grateful monkey very movingly thanked the people and especially Dr. Jane Goodall, world famous defender of animals, for everything they have done for them.

Few minutes she hugged Jane, expressing sincere appreciation and gratitude for kindness and affection. Vunda, when she was found a few years ago, suffered from many diseases. She didn’t even have the strength to independently find their own food, isolatable animal was on the verge of death. which she was consistently given every morning.