Baby Elephant Collapses In Road


Drivers were in for an unusual sight, when a scene in South Africa’s Kruger National Park took them completely by surprise. Forced to slam their brakes as they made their way through the natural reserve, a baby elephant who had been crossing the road suddenly collapsed right in front of them. They knew that this elephant was in danger, so they waited to see if the baby would get back up on his own before continuing on their way.

Concerned for the elephant’s safety, the drivers all remained still and in their vehicles as they watched the nail-biting scene unfold. It doesn’t take long for the entire herd to charge in, and their reaction leaves passersby completely speechless. Aware of the dangers the baby faces in the road, the elephant family rallies around him as they try to coax their young back onto his feet.

Unable to get up on his own, the herd finally takes matters into their own hands. As the family surrounds the baby, protecting it from the nearby cars, a few of the elders finally come up with a plan. It doesn’t take long for the tired baby to finally get back up on his shaky little legs and rejoin his herd. Watch how this elephant family saves their young in the incredible video below.