Baby Horse Scared To Jump Wall, How Mama Steps In Is Melting Everyone’s Heart


Growing up is hard! That’s especially true for this cute foal who is unsure about how to jump the tiny wall separating it from its mother.

After several minutes of contemplation and confusion, Mom jumps in to help her foal tackle this frustrating issue. Instead of allowing her foal to struggle for one second longer, the mare comes racing to the rescue!

We’re just thankful someone had the camera rolling the entire time! It’s the sweetest demonstration of motherly love and we can’t stop oooohing and aaaaahing over it!

According to Equus Magazine, a mother and her foal have a very special relationship. The mare is responsible for teaching its foal all of the important skills that it will carry on for the rest of its life.

From the food to eat, to where to roam, how to move safely in certain situations and how to interact with humans – the lessons a mare teaches its baby are invaluable! That’s why this mare is determined to show her foal how to tackle the big, bad wall.

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