Baby Kiwi Feeding For The Title Of The Cattiest Bird In A World, Look Why


Users of the social network Facebook “blew up” a video with a kiwi chick from the New Zealand reserve Orokonui Ecosanctuary. The bird showed incredible motion that reminded merry dance. A small kiwi was born a few days ago, and zoo representatives installed a 24-hour camera at his nest.

From the first days the bird began to enjoy life and surprise mad jumps. A few days later she has turned into a real star networks, and the video with it got 100 thousand views. In the comments to the video people write that kiwi lost his head from the beans that feed him. Some believe that the bird was possessed by a demon.

Kiwi bird is an unofficial symbol of New Zealand; it is not found anywhere else. Five known species of birds belonging to the genus ratites, and they are all on the verge of extinction.

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