Baby Robin Approaches Farmer For Help – Then It Dawned On When She Grabbed A Hold Of His Hand


This man was doing some yard work when all of a sudden, he was greeted by a wild baby robin. Like something from a Disney film, the bird doesn’t flinch or fly away, but instead frolicks merrily around the gardener watching him while he works.

From first glance, I would have thought it was a domesticated bird until I paid closer attention.

The little bird noticed that the gardener was exposing a lot of dirt with his pitchfork. And where there is dirt, there’s bound to be a few juicy worms to snack on.

Not missing a trick, the bird weaved and dodged his way around the pitchfork with no fear as he guzzled down worm after worm. He didn’t even seem that scared of the big man and the pointy metal tool in his hands.

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