Baby Sloth Tries To “Talk”


Sloths try to communicate with the author of the video. The sloth is strange and lovely creatures about which we know very little. As you can guess, they were named because they are considered the slowest animals in the world.

The sloth is slow-moving mammals that live in trees, which is basically hanging upside down, hanging from the branches of trees. These slow-moving animals mostly live in South and Central America.

Have them a small head, small eyes and ears, tiny tail, hidden in wool, while the rest part of bodies quite a major, in its thorough and strong upper and rear legs, which help them climb on trees.

There are 6 types of sloths, but the most common are the three-toed and two-toed sloth. Can sloths relieve themselves once a week. They go down from the tree, dig a hole, defecate and urinate, cover their waste and climb back to the tree.

Leaving their place on the tree, they become vulnerable to other predators, such as eagles and jaguars.

Sloths only feed on tree leaves, which are difficult to digest. Digestion in them lasts for a month and is carried out with the help of a bacterium-symbiont living in the digestive tract of the sloth. 2/3 of the weight of the sloth is the contents of his stomach.