Baby Watches Queen Performance Only To Have His Adorable Response Win Over The Internet


Freddie Mercury is no doubt about it a music legend, and to this day still gathers new generations of followers. Although many people are in love with his hypnotic voice and ability to control a crowd – this has to be one of his youngest (and most adorable) fans! A little towheaded boy sitting so nicely in his seat showed everyone just how much he enjoys watching old videos of Queen perform. And it’s his response to Freddie’s actions that have won over the internet.

The baby is watching the iconic 1985 Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium, where Queen put on an epic performance. Right from the beginning his eyes are glued to the screen just as Freddie makes his way to center stage. That’s when the musician yells to the crowd, “Ay-oh!” The sea of people then call back to Mercury, “Ay-oh!” This is when you can tell the baby’s seen the video a few times – because he does exactly the same thing while giving an arm pump. But it’s only the start…

With every one of Freddie’s actions – the baby mimics him with a great big smile on his face. From his arm movements, all the way to a great big growl, it’s obvious he’s as hooked to Freddie’s stage presence as a lot of us are! It’s really fun to watch such a little lad be so excited about one of the greats – especially as he tries to sing along. Press play on the video below to see this cute kid in action for yourself! Freddie certainly would have been proud.