Barber lies on the floor to cut hair of a little boy with autism


I think that every job, where you need to deal with people, can be morally quite difficult, as all people are different and you should find a common language with all of them.

Though, working with children may be much more difficult. When you deal with kids you should be really patient, love them and know how to make kids interested and you should get on well with them.

Dealing with special children is always a big responsibility, as they are very sensitive and they can be easily offended. The man, from the video below, showed his kindness and patience working with an autistic boy.

A barber named Franz Jakob has a shop in Western Quebec. He’s been garnering a lot of attention for being extra kind and compassionate toward one of his young customers.

Wyatt Lafreniere is just 7-years-old, and he has autism; he and his mom visited Jakob’s shop, called Authentischen Barbier, for a haircut. Wyatt doesn’t like sitting still, so, sitting in a barber’s chair for an extended period just wasn’t very feasible.

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