Bear, Lion and Tiger Have Been Best Friends For Over 15 Years


In 2001 three animals were rescued from a drug dealers house in Atlanta Georgia. All three animals were male predators. Most people would say three male predators of different species would not get along but Baloo the bear, Leo the lion, and Shere Khan the tiger would disagree.

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary was the new home to these three animals. Curator, Allison Hedgecoth, produced a statement regarding the odd group saying, “The BLT (bear, lion, tiger – as they’re known) exhibited signs of being a bonded trio from the moment we saw them when they arrived at Noah’s Ark.”

“They were already seeking out one another for comfort and displayed affection by snuggling, grooming and playing with one another.”

Allison wasn’t shocked by their friendship as many of us are, but rather, she was surprised it lasted 15 years! “Before they reach sexual maturity, a lot of times animals will form unique bongs with members of other species,” she explained. “What was surprising is how they kept that bond, that family unit well into adulthood.”

When the three landed in Noah’s Ark they were all babies. “When they were first brought to the sanctuary, Baloo, Shere Khan and Leo were injured, frightened, and clinging to one another for comfort.” The friends were extremely malnourished when found but they were quickly introduced to the 250-acre rescue center known
as Noah’s Ark.

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