Bearded Dragon Is Ecstatic Over Blueberries


Everyone loves a good snack! Regardless of where I’m coming from, as soon as I enter the house, I know that I’m going straight to the fridge to see what I can munch on later—yes, I love myself a good snack! Although junk-food is so tempting and I’m often contemplating indulging in cookies or chips, I often opt for healthier options like yogurt or fruits, for a snack. Usually the latter over the former. And it seems like someone else can agree that fruits make for an excellent snack, especially blueberries.

Frankie the bearded dragon seems to love its fruit—blueberries to be exact! It’s quite clear in the video shared below when the animal sees a blueberry on the floor, right outside of its tank.

Upon watching the video, it seems that the blueberries are scattered everywhere on the floor, so the little critter has to work its way around the room to get his snack.

But it doesn’t seem like it’s a problem for it because the dragon is just so ecstatic to be eating them!

Watch as it takes grabs the blueberry and looks directly into the camera while chewing it. This has to be one of the cutest things we’ve seen all day!

We think it’s safe to say that this bearded dragon is a healthy eater and is setting an example for everyone who should be switching to a healthier diet (this includes me!).

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