Bikers Found an Abandoned Baby Moose


Motorcyclists, particularly those who belong to clubs have a bad rap. Part of that is due to how they are portrayed on TV shows. Remember that one, set in California, where those bikers did all kinds of gruesome and decadent things to rival members, each other and even family members. It was anarchy. That’s not a hint or anything about what show it was.

The other stereotype stems from their penchant for doing things like riding around without helmets. Many people shake their heads when they see people riding a two-wheeled vehicle that could conceivably flip over at the slightest pothole and not have any kind of protection. So, yes, many of these guys have an image problem. The bikers in this video flip that stereotype on its ear.

The men come across a clearly distressed baby moose who has been abandoned. They did take a risk since they didn’t know if the mother was still around. If she had been, there would have been some seriously messed up bikes, and we all know how that makes bikers feel.

One of the guys even gives the moose an unusual thing to quench its thirst: Gatorade. I don’t think the scientists in the lab had this in mind when they first created the sports drink.

The video ends before we can find out if they put it on the back of one of their bikes and kept it as a mascot or tried to get it to go back into the woods. The moose didn’t seem afraid of the bikers, so perhaps it had already been exposed to humans. While it’s cute to see, it also might mean that a critical survival mechanism is now missing. If it doesn’t mistrust humans, then it might eventually become easy pickings for a hunter. Not to put a damper on this otherwise inspirational video.

I’ve got tell you – watching this made me want to get my own moose. Watch the video and tell us it made you want to do the same thing. Moose power!