Blind Baby Sits At Piano. Mom Hits Keys And Moments Later, Parents Hear Song Being Played Back.


Every parent’s wish is to bring into this world a happy, healthy baby. Ten fingers, ten toes, all parts in place. However, when there’s a greater plan in store and more significant life lessons to learn, a brand new baby’s disability can make it hard to see the other possibilities and abilities granted.

This story is of Patrick Hughes, a baby born with no eyes and no ligaments to support and straighten his limbs, therefore rendering him blind and unable to walk.

Patrick was born in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. He was eventually given two artificial eyes and a wheelchair so he could be mobile. At the very beginning of his life, Patrick’s parents were devastated their newborn son wouldn’t ever be able to walk or see, but it was one encounter that would change the quality of his life forever. Before even one year on the planet, Patrick was plopped in front of a piano and was able to figure out his way of playing it. His mom would simply tap a few keys, and this barely one-year-old infant could play back what he heard.

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