Boy Kicks Up His Feet


Some people get lucky and naturally have the ability to move to any beat when they hear music – others, not so much. But for those that are fortunate to be able to dance, it can prove to be quite entertaining for others watching. The little lad in the video below may only be 4-years-old but don’t let his age or stature fool you. The young boy has already won an impressive 48 trophies for his Irish dancing skills.

With his bright blue eyes and adorable blonde hair, little Oscar steps out confidently during a competition. He does not falter and he does not allow himself to become distracted. With a tall and straight back, the boy begins to showcase his intricate footwork, keeping everyone around him locked on his every move. He begins on one end of the platform, but eventually ends up on the opposite side, giving everyone a chance to look at his impressive skills up close.

Oscar may be small but his moves prove to be exquisite. Plus, for a 4-year-old he is very good at staying focused, making sure he puts his best foot forward. Irish dance has been around for many ages and is believed to have come from the Celts who often danced in circles and made movements by tapping their feet repeatedly in one place. Over the years evolving into the modern Irish dance we see today. With moves like this at such a young age we’re sure Oscar has a bright future ahead of him. Maybe even one day becoming the next Michael Flatley. See his talent for yourself in the video below.