Boy Loses Soldier Dad


When Justin Rozier was just nine months old, his dad, Army 1st Lt. Jonathan Rozier, perished while serving overseas. Jonathan’s wife Jessica Johns had spoken with her husband just 12 hours before then, updating him about their wonderful baby boy.

Unfortunately, Justin never had the chance to meet his father. While picking up the pieces at their home in Texas and learning how to live without their husband and father, Jessica decided she had to return her husband’s 1999 black Toyota Celica convertible.

No one was driving it and she didn’t have the money to pay on the loan. So she relinquished the vehicle not knowing that one day she’d be reunited with that vehicle.

Fast forward 15 years to a teenage boy who was desperate to know his father. Justin had his dad’s dog tags, photos, and other memorabilia, but there was one thing he really wanted.

His dad’s old car. He couldn’t explain it, but he was turning 16 soon and he really wanted to sit in the same seat where his dad once sat, to feel the wind blowing through his hair like his dad once did.

Jessica decided to try and hunt down her husband’s car from all those years ago. Jessica knew it likely would be futile, but she had to try for her son’s sake.

So she posted about her endeavor on social media. Her heartwarming saga quickly spread around the world, but miraculously, she struck gold.

She was put in touch with the current owner who debated but eventually conceded to selling her back the vehicle. But now, she had to drum up the money to buy it, get it home, and fix it up.

That’s where good Samaritan Kyle Fox stepped in with his non-profit Follow the Flag. Kyle raised enough money to buy it for Jessica and Justin, and rounded up volunteers to help get the car road ready.

On the teen’s 16th birthday, everyone was on hand to surprise him with his dad’s old car. You will not believe Justin’s reaction when it comes rolling down the driveway.